A Surprise Proposal

There is very little from my time in Kansas that was hard to let go. Mostly, my clients. My time in Kansas taught me a lot about life and photography. Business was good in Kansas. I lived right outside of Fort Riley Army base and that meant constant clientele and a good pool of business. The area was saturated with photographers, but I somehow got the best clients. 

What I was not expecting was to move almost 1800 miles and find myself about 20 minutes from one so Senior clients. It had been 2 years since I shot her senior session when she saw on Facebook that I moved to the Seattle area and the next thing I know she’s messaging me asking what she could do to help. Once, we were settled she came to because she wanted some professional photos of her and her boyfriend to send back home. Of course, I was so excited to do that for her. (Below is a shot from Kayleigh’s Senior Session at Milford Lake in Junction City Kansas.)


So, I invite Kayleigh and her boyfriend, Monty over for a little consultation and to get to know Monty. We all hit it off well and spent most of the consultation laughing. We decided to book it just a few weeks out. 

About a week after our consultation, I receive a knock on my door. It’s the middle of the day and I really wasn’t expecting anyone so it took me a little longer to reach the door. When I get to the door I look out and see a young man walking away. After I opened the door I realized it was Monty and yelled out and waved to him. He approached the door and I could tell he was a bit nervous about something. He asks if Kayleigh had chose a date and if there was any way I could push the session back. He then asks me, hands trembling, nervous eyes and he finally says “I thought maybe it might be a good idea if I surprise her during the session and propose to her.”


When He said that my heart stopped for Kayleigh. That’s what every girl wants, not just a ring to show you are appreciated and taken but a romantic gesture that shows her how special and wanted you truly are. 

My eyes just lit up with excitement for them.


I told him of course and that I would text him with the plans. No more than a couple days later did I receive a text from Monty with a photo of a beautiful diamond engagement ring.


When, the day came, I could tell he was more nervous than usual, but I could not let the cat out off the bag, no matter how excited for her I was. About half way through our session I pulled Monty aside to do some “individual shots” behind a silo in order to give him the instructions. I told him we could do it by the lake and to let me get a few shots of just Kayleigh herself and then I’ll ask him to come over for “couple shots” and then to just go ahead whenever he was ready. 

By the time we found the lake and got to a good, scenic spot we were losing light pretty quickly.

I began by posing Kayleigh and then later pulling Monty over so that they were facing each other and began coaching them.

“Kayleigh pull him in closer”

“Monty, bring her chin up.”

“hold it guys.”

“Pretend you like each other.”

“Okay time for another kiss.”


And another, and then I thought to myself, “Man, will these two ever stop kissing.” The entire time I am shooting continuously and finally I see it, his hand is coming out of his pocket and he’s pulling away. Monty pulls out the box with the ring and and got down on his knee to ask Kayleigh for her hand in marriage.

Later Monty tells us he thought the gig blown when he went to grab the box he realized he put his keys on top of it. I’m not sure if Kayleigh noticed it at all and I’m sure she appreciated the kissing!

 With the light fading so quickly decided to switch locations and meet up just yesterday to finish shooting.

It is funny how things come full circle sometimes. 

I am so happy I got to be apart of this with you two.


I wish you nothing but happiness and blessings.

And many, many blueberries.


With Love,



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