Skin Care & Cosmetics

Hey Everyone!

I’m finding a newfound love for Make-Up! I have not worn make-up regularly for the last 9 years. For a multitude of reasons. Number one being….Motherhood. I mean who has time to put a face on when you barely have time to take a shit. The next reason would probably be a combination of my pain associated with my illnesses (I’ll drop a link here when I post about this in the future) and the fatigue. Last but not least, my anxiety and depression. There are times that I don’t even look like myself, from illness or a medication and when that becomes more frequent I think it is really hard to find the motivation to take care of ourselves.

However, I am in a much better place right now.

I have recently started building my own little make up kit. It is so fun learning and shopping and trying new things! There is just one problem, I am finding that just like I’m a coffee and shoe snob I am also a skin care and make-up snob.

Hold on. Now, this isn’t without reason. I have to have a line that will not only work with my skin but hold up during a long day of shooting! It’s also important to me that it is a cruelty free line and it has last. I absolutely hate replacing something unless I have to.

So, I did quite a bit of research and new which brands I was most interested in trying. From there I went to my local Ulta store for a skin match and hopefully some answers. (Later I will drop a link to the blog about my initial and following visits and experience). I thought, okay this shouldn’t be too hard. This should be a relatively quick and fun experience, right?



There is so much freaking make up these days and so many different new tools. Although I thought I had fully prepared to shop and come home with a full kit, I quickly realized that I was very, very wrong.

Baby steps. So I started my kit and the more I learn the more excited I am. I’ll post a video (and link it here) when everything is ready.

Here are some of my favorite brands and lines so far:

Tarte – Amazonian Clay and Rainforest of the Sea lines

Bare Minerals – unfortunately my skin is still far to red to go this light on coverage

Urban Decay – Naked lines – especially their eye shadow pallets and color correctors and primers

Stila – Their eyeliner and color correction one step is PERFECT

Too Faced – Pretty much everything is great.

Benefit – lips and brows!

For skin care:



Shea Moisture

Favorite Beauty Vloggers:



I am very excited to begin this journey and see if it will hopefully help my overall self confidence.

What are some of your favorite beauty blogger/vloggers?

And your favorite brands and lines?

I’d also love to hear where you purchase your make-up? Straight from the brand’s site, in a store (like Sephora, Ulta)?

(I am not pictured in this post. The featured image is of one of my beautiful pin-up clients. The photo was taken by me and Hair and Make Up was provided by Nancy Del-Carmen Cox )


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