In Celebration of Hugh Hefner’s Life

In celebration of the life of Hugh Hefner, I would like to empower myself a bit and share a recent boudoir shot. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Hugh and his legacy. However, I think his accomplishments and progress in civil and women’s rights speak for themselves. I’ll drop some links below my image with some facts about Mr. Hefner.

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Puerto Rico

There has been a lot of talk lately about the crisis in Puerto Rico. We are now 10 days out and the island only has 5% power on the total island. Most of the island is unreachable due to the terrain, according FEMA this is why they are having trouble reaching citizens that need help. According to President Trump it is because it is in the big ocean. I think it is our response. This morning, we woke to more offensive tweets from our President. I am going to be frank here, this might have been a natural disaster but this is a man-made crisis.

Puerto Rican’s are Americans. I was a bit shocked at the number of responses from Americans that did not know that. Since, it is clear that our public school system really failed us here let me explain.

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Get Ready With Me – learn a few tips, great info if you have autoimmune symptom and check out this very natural new look!

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White Privilege (2)

Be a part of the conversation. Share your experience and or questions. Anonymously or otherwise. If you need help there is a prompt in the comments.

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Normalize Cannabis Use

A conversation and video on normalizing cannabis use, especially for us ladies!

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Photo & Art Store

Photo & Art store is up and an will be updated regularly feel free to check it out and let me know about any questions!

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