Racism Between the Lines

I think we can all agree that after Charlottesville Trump is a racist. There is no way you can out argue that he compared non violent counter-protestors to Bigots, White-Supremacists and Nazis calling them decent and misleading the American public. It is 2017 and I actually had to speak these words out loud “Sorry kids we cannot go downtown today because the Nazi’s are out.” So let me just cut to the chase, do not be fooled by the title into believing that I do not believe Trump is outwardly racist or bigoted, because he absolutely is. What I want to talk about is the racism that is more dangerous than the Trump look-a-likes marching upon businesses and churches and surrounding a Robert E. Lee Statue chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and shouting obscenities. It is the kind of racism you do not see until it is too late.

[Side note: I wonder how many people that voted for Trump was flabbergasted, disappointed and sickened when they saw protestors of the likes of Klansmen and nazis, dressed in Trump gear or to look like him chanting in the streets with torches. Or how many Trump voters were sickened to hear David Duke at this same rally thanking Trump and later praising his response. An endorsement you can dismiss, but not this. I can tell you that I supported Obama in both of his elections and if 6 months in to one of his terms there were people marching the streets in “Hope” and “Change” merch with flaming torches shouting anything of the like, I would disavow him immediately. I think any Patriot would.]

By now you are probably thinking what kind of racism is worse than that? Well, that would be the racism that is subtly spoken over time until one group of people are so angry or it just feels natural to hate.

For instance, Trump doesn’t have to say he hates black people his actions show it, but more moderate voters are able to justify voting for him because he continues to deny that he is a racist regardless of what his actions prove.

Let’s break this down further.

For awhile, I have thought it odd Trump’s odd obsession of praising Andrew Jackson. Any chance he has gotten, even if it has been a lie or misrepresentation of him or our history. I just kept thinking, ‘I do not get it’ ‘this is such an odd and random President to continuously bring up.’ Until, tonight when I was watch Joy Reid on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC that I finally connected the dots. With  help from Joy of course.  Mostly because I’m bad at knowing mundane facts. My husband would say, “you have so much book smart but no common sense whatsoever.” He is totally right. Like who does not know Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill?

Apparently me. See, Jackson really is not that memorable.

We all know that Harriet Tubman is supposed to be replacing Andrew Jackson on said $20 bill.

Why does Trump care who is on the $20 bill?

The same reason a billionaire donates $1 Million to relief efforts to what will be one of the United States worst and most expensive disasters expected to cost around $100 billion. Then showing up for a photo op sporting merchandise sold on your personal website from which you are not supposed to be collecting income from.

In case you are not sure what I am getting at here. It is because of the interests of the special interest groups that got him elected. It is all starting to come full circle right?

What was it that David Duke said In response to Trump’s speech?

“I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the Presidency…”

Trump could care less about who is pictured on the $20 bill, it is his voting base that does not want to see Harriet Tubman on it. I would be willing to bet that Trump’s odd little obsession began after it was decided that Tubman would replace Jackson.  Just think the power that Trump has in his hands that he can subtly drop these quips that are so un-important that you do not think it will stick with you but important enough that the next time you hear a story about “Jackson” in the media you pay a little more attention, because “ping!”

The treasury is now putting this on indefinite hold on the change and I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere from anyone as to why or for how long. You might be reading this and thinking, small potatoes.

Hmmmm….but is it really?

Because Trump has already created not one but two Muslim bans, he has already made it clear that Black Lives do not Matter to him, I could go on for days on ways Trump is racist. For that reason there is no small potatoes. I used to think Trump does not use a dog whistle, it is more like an air horn, that he had more of a bull in a china cabinet personality. He does, but again it is not him. He’s surrounded by the likes of Stephen Miller, who writes his speeches by the way, a white supremacist. Trump no longer has to use his guerilla warfare style politics because he does not need to. He has already won. Now, he just has to read off of a teleprompter and watch it all unfold.


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