Family Day at Golden Gardens Park

8 months. 8 months is how long it took us to get to a beach since moving to a coastal city. That is exactly 8 months too long. Back in Missouri growing up I spent a lot of time on beaches. We were always outside and always exploring and play. The beaches I was used to playing on were lake and river beds . My sisters and I would run out of our grandpa’s house in wright city barefoot and with a fishing pole in one hand and a jar with fireflies or frogs or lizards in the other. We would catch the lizards and drop then on Mom. It sounds cruel, but my mom’s irrational fears were definitely fun for us. We always kept her on her toes! After I grew up some, my feeling of invincibility was still strong. I spent times in  creeks, climbing trees and getting lost at new parks or hiking in the country. By my teenage years my best friend Anna and I would go down to her family property Vienna, MO and we’d walk for hours, climb cliffs without shoes and canoe or float down the river. The snapping turtles and copperheads never even crossed our mind. Even if we found them in our canoe, it was never an issue to just take our ore and flip it right out of our boat and right back into the Gasconade. When given the choice I always chose rustic camping over cabin camping. I loved to be outside and connected to the world that way.

Not my kids. Not today. Some days it is like pulling teeth just to get them to do something they will end up enjoying. I have to wonder if that has more to do with my parenting than it does them.

My Mom always gave us freedom. She trusted us and allowed us to make our own decisions. It wasn’t a free for all by any means and there were always rules but as long as we respected them she gave us that freedom.

The difference. I don’t trust my kids and even though I want to I am just too afraid to give them that same freedom. Keep in mind, parenting does make you a puss about things. Growing up in the 90’s and early 00’s taught me to fear it all.

No matter how much they whine about not getting to watch their shows, youtube, play video games or playing on my ipad – I do take them out of the house for family days. I try to find things that will interest both them and us as parents. After a little googling, I found this beautiful little park called Golden Gardens Park. From the information and photos online the sunsets were supposed to be phenomenal. Of course that meant going in the afternoon.  The hottest part of the day nonetheless. A hot, but beautiful day.

When we arrived Erich and the kids took to the playground and I took to the beach.


It wasn’t long before I was joined though. Once the water caught their eye, they were determined to get wet.

To my surprise they were not afraid at all. They loved looking for seashells and searching for crabs, but Noah hated the seaweed. We jumped the wakes, built sad little sand castles and skipped rocks. The sun was so bright, next time we will remember an umbrella!

(If you click the image they should open in an pop up window and be in full resolution )

We discovered just how chilly, but wonderful the Pacific is.


Mom and Dad loved the sandy toes and all the belly laughs.

After awhile of playing we sure were hungry. So we walked down the beach to the harbor area and found a little diner called “Little Coney” and despite their low rating on Yelp, it was pretty darn good! At least my clam strips and French fries were. The ice cream was soft serve, but fine for a quick bite and back to playing.

Our picnic table gave us the perfect view of the pier, sunset and harbor. Noah loved pointing out and naming the boats. Unfortunately, he was on the move so much I didn’t quite get as many photos of him. With how hesitant he was to leave the house he sure did have fun.

The sunset came on us quick! So I had to leave them to catch the sun! Lillia and I went shooting and Dad took bubby and sissy back to the playground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sunsets in WA are phenomenal.  Especially, when the cascades are in the background. I cannot wait to go back in the next couple weeks! Below will be my favorite shots!


Make sure to check out the videos from the day on the videos page!


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