My Weekend in St. Louis


This trip started off on point. I put some things to bed that needed to be, I was feeling great and I was excited to have a good trip. I felt pretty well prepared. Most of my trips seem frantic towards the end and with my circus of a family you can only imagine the nerves. I am not really sure what it was but I was really feeling myself the night before.


I had really thought I was more than prepared, until my alarm didn’t go off and I forgot my pain pills on the mantel. Still I tried to get my day started correctly.


& the final look on the flight to St. Louis ended up being this, FYI.


I knew I was in for it the moment I realized I forgot my pain pills because the night before I got cocky and started booking other sessions. A wedding, these days, is hard enough. The trip through the airport wasn’t too bad with the help of a wheelchair. I wish I had taken more photos of my weekend but it was mostly relaxed, I ended up cancelling what shoots didn’t already cancel. In fact, I slept in both Sunday and Monday. Both plane rides were peaceful, no lay overs and I even got some extra arm room on the way home. I had great company on both flights. The first being two young girls that go to high school in the Seattle area and the flight home was spent getting to know Emily a woman from the Olympia area. It always interests me the differences in people. I feel I learn so much just from getting know people.

I could not have been more ready to get home. I was excited to get home to see my family and rest. Even though I had a blast chilling with Cori, Danny, Kevin and April most of the weekend. I even was happy with my little visit with my Grandma. I will say, it is hard coming home sometimes leaving family and not having a set date of when I will be back for my next visit. I missed my sister and niece this visit. That was difficult, it is any time I don’t see them. Just being apart from my baby sister and niece is straining. It is probably one of the toughest things I have done. Apart of me is constantly missing. I hurt for my sisters, I am strong for my sisters, I would stop the world for them.

Even though I missed Manda and Rosie, I got to spend some much needed time with my best friends Anna, Alyssa and Stacey. I love that every time I come into town now my little newphew, Nathan has learned something new.  Nathan and I have a special bond, my first human nephew (My Sissy has always had fur babies). His Mom thinks I am the baby whisperer but really Nate and I just have mutual respect. 😉 That and know when they are unconditionally loved, they are WAY more attune to those feelings than we are as adults. I still remember how nervous I was driving into town the night Nathan was born. Alyssa had been there for each of mine. I remember walking into the room and just feeling so proud.

When Cale was born, I wasn’t really needed. Cori had Grandma and I was on drama – control, so with Alyssa it was different. It is amazing how you just fill with this unconditional sense of admiration and pride. You see your sister laying in bed there in all  her glory and somehow she is more beautiful than you have ever seen her and her strength just fills the room. It’s just always hard to leave because of those reasons and how much all the little people change.

[My curls looked hella good on Monday. Let me know if you’d like to see a get ready with me or a hair care routine, Lupie care routine, etc. – Final look is below]



Nathan was not quite ready to let Aunt Lex go this visit so I  made sure to capture a few shots on the flight home. This was my first trip ever flying in the direction where the cascades are visible. The mountain in the upper left is Ft. Hood in Oregon and the mountain in the center is Mt. Rainier and in the bottom left you can see the smoke from the wildfires. These were just quick shots I was able to get from my ipad.



This was over Ferguson, Mo.


Crossing the MO river. Bye, Missouri!

Since being home, I have done a lot of sleeping, but I am hoping to get a few sneak peeks up tonight!

With the help of coffee and naps, of course.

*I flew Alaska Airlines this trip!

*Make up used is exclusively Tarte and Urban Decay



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