Congratulation Codi & Alisha Farrell!

Although I have only known Alisha for a few short years and only met Codi once they are the the kind of couple that makes you feel like you have known them for years. By the time Codi got around to proposing I already felt like family! I could not have felt more blessed to be apart of their big day!

The ladies day starte with Mimosas, made by Stacey and if you know stacey it won’t surprise you that they were more like screwdrivers than mimosas. LOL


Alisha’s family had a nice little breakfast buffet ready, they were on it! They were so organized and much more prepared than I think they gave themselves credit for. Alisha’s sister Sarah Young (PLEASE SEND ME YOUR LINK!!!) was in charge of hair and make up and her bridesmaids had everything under control.

[To open the images so that they are easier viewed, please select them and make sure your pop off blocker is turned off]

Before we knew it Alisha was transformed from the chillest, down to earth already flawless young woman to a QUEEN.

The emotions were beginning to overflow us as we staged her jewelry; her something old (Codi’s first gift to her), something new, something borrowed and something blue.

I kept telling Alisha as the day went on that when it comes time, she will have this odd calm come over. She wasn’t seeing it, not yet.

Before we knew it – it was time to load up and head to the park.

Arguably the toughest part of the day, getting the bride in the car without a flaw and getting everyone to the same place at the same time. Her brother, Jacob came by for one last hug and pep talk and we were off to the park.

I had the perfect view of Codi’s first glance of Alisha…

There is still plenty to say about this couple and plenty more images to share with you, until then….

To keep up with the sneak peeks from Alisha and Codi’s wedding please use the hashtag #FarrellWedding and #AlishaandCodiForever. Please feel free to hare anywhere but please do not download or alter any images. All images were shot and belong to Alexis Nicole Bendickson. If you like what you see on my site feel free to hit follow and subscribe to keep up with my work and blog!


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