Congratulations, Cori!

Cousins are like having built in siblings that you can give back when things aren’t working out. Siblings are complicated, friendships are complicated. Family shouldn’t be.  We don’t always agree, we fight  and we are at times as different as they come. We have different last names. We follow different religions and have different views of the world. We don’t look alike (that much)…

(okay maybe there’s a resemblance – we were just discussing this on my last visit!)…and we certainly don’t see each other everyday, but we don’t have to because every time we still come back together because none of the rest matters.


[(Left to right) Me, Sissy (under me), Scotty and Cori is on the right.]

Cori and I have always been more like sisters than cousins. We have lived together and when we need back up we are each other’s first call. We grew up together, a 6 year age difference but Cori was my Aunt Ann’s only daughter and my Mom always had everyone’s kids. My Mom had that maternal nature where she sort of became your own Mom over time, all of the kids relied on her for different reasons but Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob were always there even when no one else was, and even if they didn’t agree with your choices. So we were always together. Two of the older grand-daughters, and we were few and far between, grand daughters that is.  We all grew up more like sisters. Passing between houses for sleep overs, holidays, to be dressed up as little dolls.

As time went on we grew and created our own little families and didn’t need each other quite as much, until we did and then we were there.

We’ve seen each other graduate. Get married, or enter serious long term relationships, multiple address changes, profession changes, but there were a few things we share that makes our relationship a little different.


[All of my wedding pictures look like this, yes. (From left to right) Sissy, little George, Cori, Me, Dad (behind me), Grandma, Cleetis (behind Grandma), Manda, Anna, Mom and Alyssa is in the front]

We were pregnant with our first children together! Even though she didn’t know it yet, I called it and it was confirmed 8 days after I gave birth to Lillia!

We have both lost our Mothers and we both have children that will never know them.

We both have modeled as children.

We both have the same passion for Photography!

We were both Maw – Maw’s girls growing up.

[okay, I did that on purpose here is a more accurate one of me and Maw Maw]


Most importantly though, I have called both of her Pregnancies!


There aren’t very many people at this point in my life that I would consider my “ride or die” , as I have gotten older and matured I have learned the necessity of  breaking away from relationships that are negative or toxic. And if not cutting them off, learning where those relationships belong in my life. When I hit rock bottom, when I was living out of hotels and bankrupt and my personal life was blowing up Cori never gave up. Even when it would have been easy to. We are well aware we aren’t these easiest of girls to love and because of that theres a mutual respect there. You will hear family say blood above everything and there will be plenty of people in your life that say they will be there for you , that just won’t be. Cori and I have always found our way back to each other’s corner and we have fought for each other.

Aunt Lex is ready.

Here are a few sneak peeks from my last visit! DSC_0957DSC_0953DSC_0975DSC_0904DSC_0866DSC_0970I am a phenomenal photographer, but I cannot take credit for this one, she gets her beauty from her Momma. Let us know if you agree below!


Just like with Cale I cannot wait to meet #CorisPeanut . As always, I’ll be there no matter what you need. Congratulations, Cori & Cale!!! #CalesaBigBrother #CorisaMomAgain



To keep up with my blogs regarding Cori and her pregnancy use these hashtags #CorisPeanut #CalesaBigBrother #CorisaMomAgain . Please feel free to click the follow and subscribe options for notifications and to keep up with my work. All images belong to Alexis Nicole Bendickson and should be shared from here but not copied or altered in anyway.


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