Monday Mornings

For a lot of people Monday Mornings are the worst. Riddled with anxiety about the work week or rushing through appointments. I enjoy Mondays, for the most part, at least since I have become a stay at home Mom. Monday is the start of my week, my planning day, the day I get coffee and plan, respond to emails and prepare for my week. It allows me time to set up my week in my bullet journal and with the kids back to school I can finally have some Mom time.

My morning started off with a sprinkle of rain and cool WA breezes. Lillia was finishing the homework she put off all week and we were bribing Noah to get him to school. I drank my coffee, watched the morning news, wake & bake and then checked my journal and the to do list for today. Once that was over I was able to work on me!





Simple, glow and nude colors. I feel so much better with my face on!

Arianna is my buddy today as work on my site and relax before tackling my to do list. Not too much to tackle today but I do still need to catch up with some friends as well. I didn’t realize until I was working on my monthly entry that it took me a full 9 days of  recovery from my last trip. I’m starting to notice a few noteworthy triggers.IMG_2573.JPG

Of course we forgot our ‘keep us busy’ activities! We are on to a good start, waiting for Daddy and then off to the grocery store!


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