Nathan’s Fall Mini

There is so much that could be said about this kid. He has so much personality in his little body that he is bursting at the seams. Every time I come into town I swear he has had a growth spurt! DSC_0876

He could not be any more adorable if he tried. An equal mix of Mom and Dad, but the older he gets the more he looks like his Momma in my opinion.


Nathan is always a ready model for his Aunt Lex, but only if we play too!

His Mom swears I am the “Baby Whisperer.” I think this is next shot is the proof that I most certainly am not. Lol


It’s written all over his face, “Man they really want my hands in these pockets! Fine here ya go, but you have a whole .00025 seconds before they are over my head!”

When you have wild nephews the only cure is an equally crazy Aunt.

Mom will learn the most important phrase of all of Motherhood, “Thank God for Aunt Anna!” Anna has had a lot of practice with my very own wildlings!

Most of all though Nathan you are loved.


Aunt Lex


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