Noah’s First Week of Kindergaten

Well that went better than any of us could have predicted. Noah starting school was probably my biggest worry this whole summer. Noah was excited, for him I think he saw it as a rite of passage, as it should be. His older sister, Lillia is already a third grader. Every morning we walk to take Lillia to the bus stop and see her off and every afternoon we walk to the bus stop to wait for her bus to bring her home. Noah loved seeing the school bus come and go and every day he told me how he could not wait to see his sister and take the bus to Kindergarten. I was a mess, a mess of emotions. How would he handle school and switching his routine?

The first 3 days went on without a hit. He would come in and tell me about his day and usually take a little nap. Wednesday was a little different. I could tell he had a meltdown just by seeing him and that was enough to make him never want to go again. Thursday and Friday were very difficult days and the weekend didn’t get much better. So this morning we decided to have his Dad walk him to school and have breakfast with him to see if this helps, so far so good!

This weekend we did get an update on Noah’s progress:


I am now the proud parent of the kid that pees outside! Never a dull moment with this kid.

Arianna is very excited to now be the only kid at home, she loves being spoiled and not having to share her time with me. She does still get a bit emotional when Noah leaves for school, this was this morning.


“Bye Noah, I’ll miss you! Have a good day at school! I love you!”

“I love you too Baby!”

Noah and Arianna are only 14 months apart and could not be closer or more protective of one another.  Let’s hope that today is a great day for them both!


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