It’s Hump Day!


The middle of the week and we are finally getting rain here in Seattle! I was invited by a friend to a restorative Yoga session today that focuses on people with autoimmune diseases. Stepping out of my comfort zone today and socializing. I actually really love people, its all anxiety – I swear!

Anyway, this morning went better than earlier this week. We had much less of a fight out of Noah to get to school. Of course, it being a half day might have made it a little easier.  Decided to lay in bed a bit longer than expected this morning to just enjoy the smell of the rain and chilly fall air and squeeze in a few snuggles! I was lucky enough to have Erich make my coffee this morning and the kids got themselves ready, SAY WHAT?!?

Getting up a bit later left me with less time to get ready but I managed to fit in 1 cup of coffee still manage to get my face on! Since I will be getting a little work out in I went with just some foundation, bronzer, highlighter, lip balm and mascara. I am actually really pleased with the coverage on this foundation. I’ll dive more into this in my next blog, a review of my mini make up haul.  Here’s a quick peak!

Arianna made it to Starbucks with some time to spare so I will get started on that review now, hopefully get home with enough time to tidy up and respond to emails tonight! Tonight I also have a date with the Big Brother 19 Finale!


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