Big Brother 19 Finale

When this season of Big Brother started, I was not a Josh fan. I thought, “What is this guy doing?” My first impression was that he was unprepared and paranoid and he’d overplay until he was evicted. I was wrong. I think that first night, when he flipped on Megan and saw her reaction – it was his reality check. From that moment on, he played an A1 game. From one super fan to another he played like a super fan. Still, even after I thought he redeemed himself I was still a die hard  Paul fan. Paul and Josh are very similar and I think once the shock is over he will realize that also.

I follow the usually twitter and bloggers that post feed transcripts, spoilers and talk game. I also follow several past house guests and I think the overall feeling I got all season from them is judgement.  I find it so strange that super fans that leave the house (whether they win or not) are never satisfied with the cast in the following seasons. Then, what made you a super fan before you entered the house? I personally, just do not get it. I have even started unfollowing some past house-guests because who wants to listen to a bunch of whining. As a super fan, with no prejudice, this was a pretty well picked cast and in my humble opinion it was much more exciting than the previous seasons. As always, there are FLOATERS and that is the name of the game so pull your panties up and get over it! I am thankful for the heads up on a few houseguest (ahem Jason, cough-cough Alex), but overall I’m a bit disappointed in the social aspect of this game for the audience. It used to be much easier to find knowledgeable fans to talk strategy and game-moves.

[Back to the season]

I recognized that Josh was a valuable player around the time that Cody left the first time. I was flabbergasted when people began labeling Paul and Josh bullies. Are you kidding? Josh was fat-shamed, called a “bitch”, a “woman” and worse and was constantly mocked by none other than “America’s Favorite Player” -Cody. He visibly lost weight and I think it was clear how anxious Cody made him. Did he cry? Sure, but he picked his game up off the floor and stood up to his bully. Does singing, clapping pans and calling out people in the Big Brother house- really make anyone a bully? C’mon.

Paul was definitely using the Cody-Josh, Mark-Josh, Jessica-Josh, Elena-Josh frictions to his advantage. He was pulling his puppet strings, for sure, but did he ever take it further than that? No. We have had racists, sexist, homophobic and violent house-guests in previous seasons – those are bullies. This was social game play.  When Paul walked into that house everyone knew how loyal he was in his previous season, but also knew he was a threat and every house guest knew from that moment on their game strategy would have to change. Josh used Paul to further his game just the way Paul used Josh to further his.

Josh played a pretty brilliant game when you think about it. Even, down to his goodbye messages – he knew from the beginning how bad Paul wanted redemption and that he was way too underestimated to get the jury votes unless he blew up Paul’s game.

I think it is all  time we come to terms with the fact that Paul, and Paul alone created a bitter jury.  He over played and screwed himself out of redemption. On his first season, he actually did the same thing and it almost got him evicted several times. He came in and over played then too, the only difference was he got an ego check nearly being evicted and was able to redeem himself.

Sound familiar?

I was absolutely still rooting for a Paul-Josh final 2. I am actually glad that neither of them decided to take Christmas. I don’t fault her for having an injury but even the competitions she was cleared for she tanked and any wins were thrown to her. Like, how the hell did she get cleared for a sprinting race? I do hope that somewhere down the line she’s offered to come back, I think had she not gotten injured she would have been a pretty good houseguest and a good competitor.

What really shocked me on finale night was America’s Favorite Player. Cody? Really? Monotone, lack of participation, bully, gives off major Dahmer vibes. I am just mind-blown, alas we are living the era of Trump. I think people were attracted to his showmance, but I prefer to not encourage unhealthy relationships – that’s just me. Cody came off as a sexist MRA, someone who seeks power in every situation and needs control. He does not play well with others, in other words.

The top 3 were all bad choices. Kevin, is the only one I can slightly understand because he was fairly likeable. Jason on the other hand was a sheep the whole game who lied and made really inappropriate rape comments about the other house-guests family. I think this year proves that it is definitely not the super fans voting and its the prime-timers who only every see what CBS chooses to air. My choice for Americas Favorite Player would have been Paul, Elena or Jessica actually. I think those 3 stayed woke the whole game and their mistakes were minor even though it cost them their game. Elena was by far the best jury member. Elena knew what was expected of her and participated.

My least favorite players this season were: Cody, Matt, Raven, Jason and Alex. Matt and Raven were just such an odd pairing and they actually thought their game deserved credit because they were pawns the whole season. I also couldn’t understand what Raven was saying a lot of the time, she did seem sweet but like she tried to hard to relate. I also don’t understand the whole health situation, as someone who is chronically ill, I think it is great that she gave Gastroparesis and platform, but she played that part hard. Alex surprised me. At the beginning of the season I thought she would be my favorite. As the season went on I felt like she just laid down and let Jason and Paul decide her game. I also think that her being a gamer, she uses different language than what is socially acceptable and it put people off.

Overall, I don’t think the cast was the issue this season, it was the audience. I expect this winter and next summer will be just as exciting. There are more than a few ways to play Big Brother and I think super fans and previous house-guests are becoming way to prejudice. I have watched all but one season of big brother and I have yet to get tired of the show, that says something. Paul and Josh played the best game don’t be bitter because it wasn’t the game you wanted. Enjoy the game that was played and get ready for next season!



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