Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday to the Runge-Buck Wedding!!!

This is another couple that you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known for years, granted I have. Well, kind of. Jeremy is big brother to a good friend of mine from back in High School (Ritenour High – Go Huskies!) and Niki and Jeremy have dated for (forgive me if I am wrong!) 11 years. We also worked together once for a family session!


Here is a shot of Jeremy, his nephew Eli and his sister Ashley from that family session.


And here is Niki and Jeremy at that session also.

They are just good people. People you want to be around.


They tied the knot just outside of St. Louis on March 11th of this year! It was a stunning, but still very laid back and very much them.

Here are a few favorites of mine…



When there is a cemetery INSIDE – you must try a few shots!


This venue was perfect for a March wedding! Ah, my heart is melting!!!



I actually had a few more that I really wanted to share, but Noah won’t get off Roblox long enough.  Thank you for letting me be apart of such a special day and get to celebrate with you all! Congratulations again!


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