White Privilege Project

I am working on an ongoing project on White Privilege. It is time that we all have the uncomfortable conversation we have been expecting. The burden of ending institutional racism rests on the white community. I hope my project will open a dialogue . Some of the topics I plan to cover over time are: White Privilege, Institutional racism, racial profiling, gentrification, gerrymandering, income inequality, reparations, and so much more. I mean, we are casting a wide net because so much is affected  by this. Right now what I am looking for is anecdotal experiences of white Privilege, especially from people of color, but also I would like to hear from the white community as well.

What has your experience been?

If you are white, what are your fears, what is your stance on white privilege or have you had an experience you would like to discuss?

I grew up in North County St. Louis, MO and now live in Seattle, WA and spent time in KS and have had a wide range of experiences and I will be discussing that.

This can be an anonymous forum absolutely, I will help you do that.

But if you would like to include your name, or would like to later be interviewed and photographed please indicate that also.

Racism affects lives and this is not a topic that can continue to be swept under the rug. Even if you do not believe in white privilege, I want to hear from you, all I am asking is that you be open to the conversation.

Thank you.

Copy this to the contact form on the contact page and fill it out.

Would you like to remain anonymous?

MY Experience / Question: 




Age (optional)

Race (optional)

City/State (U.S) (Optional)

Would you be interested in being interviewed at a later date?

Would you be interested in being photographed at that time?

How likely are you to follow the project?


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