Throwback Thursday – Bonds Wedding



My #ThrowbackThursday

I am not even sure where to start with this couple. I have known Ashley since High School. My memories of her include talking too much in French class, passing notes about our boyfriends, talking make up, sneaking each other snacks, homework/test answers, blocking each other off so we can text in class, tanning like we wanted skin cancer and of course sneaking off to hotels after dances.[Isn’t it crazy how different our adolescence will be from the next generation] Ashley was a pretty important friend during that time. I often talk how each relationship serves its own and purpose. Ashley was the friend I could bullshit with, complain about boys and girls – but she was always ready for a good time and never too far away for a real conversation.

We lost touch through college, as most friends in high school do and reconnected on Facebook. By this time, Ashley had a 15 month old little boy, Elijah and I had my 3 and had started a business. [fun fact: I might be wrong but Ashley knew Erich before I did and while Ashley and I were friends and we never crossed paths]


One of my favorite memories of Ashley after we reconnected was when she told me about Kass for the first time. She was still in between. You know, that stage where you have already fallen and are certain and every bit of your body knows but your head is lagging behind. As I took photos of Eli we chatted. She went on and on about how happy she was around Kass and how Kass got her more than anyone else. Then out of nowhere she says, “I know I’m going to marry her one day, just watch.”

Oh and I watched. And I cried. I cried like a baby. This was one of my most emotional weddings that I have shot. I was blessed enough to be a witness to this relationship grow and blossom into the most beautiful union. I have so many favorites but here are just a few. I am going to post my video gift tonight, never before seen. I love you guys and I hope married life is treating you well!


I have so many amazing shots from this wedding to keep up with any posts regarding the Buck-Bonds wedding use the hashtag #Buck2Bonds !





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