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I fully admit that I am an amateur, this is my first Get Ready With Me blog. That’s not to say that I do not have experience. I modeled from the time I was 8 until I was 22 and I have owned a successful photography business for about 3 years. That being said, I understand lighting and shadows a little better than just any one, I guess. I am also not afraid to tell you the truth and I deal with autoimmune symptoms so I am here to help you out if you have questions regarding that as well!

[All products used are all natural and cruelty free]

[I have not been paid to advertise for any of the brands discussed, all opinions are my honest opinions and would be even if I was paid]

Wednesday, hump day, is always a slow and laid back day around my house. Having chronic fatigue it is important that I exercise the best self-care that I can. This Wednesday is one of my last before my routine changes a bit. I have recently signed up to a Yoga Studio (Which I totally plan on blogging about and shouting out – a pretty interesting story on how I got there) and plan to take a few classes there. On Wednesdays I will be participating in a restorative yoga class and then an autoimmune support group and yoga class that follows. I am adjusting my schedule so I should be able to start participating in 2 weeks. This Wednesday though, I had no plans so I decided to perk myself up I would do my face and have a little wake and bake session.

I almost always wake up very stiff, I cannot remember the last time I was able to just roll out of bed. Most mornings unless I have coffee or can wake and bake I am either so tired that my entire body just feels stiff and strained and exhausted or I am spending the first few hours in the bathroom. This morning I had coffee and sat and listened to the news for a bit, then begrudgingly got the kids ready for school. This is the part I hate. I wish more than anything mornings could be a time we all looked forward too. I love cooking breakfast. I love helping the kids with their homework. I love when the kids have time to really get ready for the day. We all deserve that, but what I hate is that lately I have not been able to do that for them. It is something I am working on and I think would benefit all of us as a family.

LipstickQueen Week25 Free Shipping Over $30 GIF 120x90

Anyways, so it is not that I don’t want to be a morning person it is that right now it is just physically not possible.

So. Once the kids were off to school, I decided let’s make today a day worth while. The first thing I always start with is skin-care. I have a weekly and daily skincare routine, that I will show you all on another post! Being a Lupie I have a distinctive butterfly rash across my cheeks and over my nose, it sometimes leads up to my forehead and my chin as well. I also have had some cystic acne in the last couple years. Ya ain’t that some shit, had great skin and then at like 24 it all just went to shit. 😂 You will also see that I have some mild scarring from a few injuries, under eye lines, tons of freckles and varying skin tone from very fair to a warm neutral in areas. My skin is usually combination, but with my rash it cries for hydration.

[Idk why I always look so angry, I swear I am not a bitch.]

Right now, I am using my Tarte Rainforest of The Sea moisturizer and it is doing pretty well, I use it both in the morning and at night. My skin sort of tingled when applying but it absorbs very quickly.


Make Up Tip #3

Always buy the travel size and give the brand and product a try. The travel sizes actually stretch me a pretty while. Granted, on the days I go Make Up free I do wear a nuetrogena moisturizer with SPF to protect my skin from the sun, but it still lasts me Ike 2-3 weeks. This way if I have any reactions or just don’t like it I am not wasting so much  or having to return expensive full size items.

[Keep in mind Ulta and Sephora and most brands do allow returns and exchanges ]


I follow that with the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer. I do like this primer, it is another product that absorbs into my skin quickly. What I do not like about it is the smell, it does not linger but it’s very off-putting. I do think it fills my pores and evens my tone a bit. I will continue to use this product but I might upgrade to the Stila primers. 😬, I tried them at Ulta and OMG they are amazing! Let me know below your preference!


While I’m primed and letting all of the primer and moisturizer to really just set into my skin, I usually start my wake and bake! Today it was a bowl of Cookies & Creme by Gabriel and I believe we bought it from Green Theory in Factoria. It’s one of my favorite daytime strains, its great for relaxing my muscles but with a subtle buzz so no couch lock or drowsiness. I feel focused and it definitely helps me get moving,

I was using my Diamond Glass bong, I cannot remember the model, but it’s my favorite right now. I love it has a little showerhead perc – pretty smooth! If you are wondering why my bong water is pink – that would be because I add a few drops of Rez block from 420 science in my water, I highly recommend this product. Marijuana is absolutely safer than a lot of medications but you still want to decrease any carcinogens by how you intake your medication. Rez Block is an all natural product and reduces the resin and tar in your bong, making it a smoother hit. Plus in this bong it reflects off of the gold label and looks rose gold. 😂

Once my face was primed I was ready to add my color correctors, concealer and foundation. I color correct first, even with primer there is still a lot of redness. So I take a green color corrector the reddest areas and then I spot conceal really dabbing in those areas.

(My photos of my Tarte Radiance drops and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation did not transfer – so I will try to remember to add that later)

I conceal under my eyes with the Tarte Shape tape and actually prime my eyes with it as well, it holds very well! I’ll try to add videos or GIFs on my next GRWM but I follow my cheek bone with the shape tape up to my temple area and then blend it down to my where my cheek bone ends. My shape tape matches my skin tone to my neck, I matched the area where my jaw and neck meet and it is a tad lighter than my center face so it also brightens that area some.

For foundation I add it a drop to the back of my hand or directly to the brush and I stipple it in building up until I am satisfied. The coverage is actually really good with this foundation. I add the radiance drops directly to my foundation and brush and use that over my cheek bones, nose, chin, and forehead and it helps keep that dewy, glowy, fresh look. This is a water based foundation, but it is definitely full day wear and the coverage I would give an 8 out of 10.

Time to contour, bronze, rouge and highlight! I know that seems like a lot, it is a mouthful too. The most important thing you can do is leave this post and know 1. Your skin type and 2. The shape of your face! You want to help expose the best features of your face and in order to do that you need to know your face.

Make- Up Tip #4

Know your fucking face. No joke, it seems simple and you think you know what you look like, but you really don’t. We don’t think about how little time we spend looking at ourselves, well unless you are a narcissist then you might  – whatever anyway…  Stop what you are doing, find a good, clean mirror and take some time actually learning your face. Where are your cheek bones? What shape is your face? What shape is your lips? What shape is your eyes? What parts do you love? What parts do you want to conceal?

This is my favorite part of my routine. I use the Tartist contour and highlight palate. It is amazing. I love to use the cream contour it works well with my skin- in face I use this so much I will probably run out of this first. I have a heart-shaped face, high – prominent cheek bones, a prominent jaw, a dimple in my chin, my nose is rounded, straight and pointed up, my upper lip is thinner than my bottom and I have a sharp Cupid’s bow. These are all the areas I want to accentuate. I have put on quite a bit of weight though so my cheeks are a little larger and rounder, I have a scar in my left eyebrow, deep eye lines, some acne raised up my skin is dehydrated. So those are the areas I want to make better.

You can see here that I create sort of a heart shape following my face shape, I do like a little swatch in the hollows of my cheek, the sides of my nose, just under my jaw line some.

I am actually out of blush so I just used this palate that day. I bronzed the apples of my cheeks and brushed it over my temples. I added highlighter down the bridge of my nose, my chin dimple, just above my bronzer along my cheek bone.

[End Result]


Already a huge difference. I would feel comfortable leaving the house like this with a little lip balm, mascara and bronzer on the lids, honestly.  From here I start on my eyes. I used just my Peach Too Faced palate this day. I LOVE this palate. I am tempted to buy extras just so when they don’t sell it anymore I still have it. This is a great palette for redheads, people with warmer tones, hazel eyes. Really it is great for everyone!

I started with Purée for my base color. And then I blended away…

Like with everything start small build up. These are such pigmented shadows and they are creamy and light and pick up very well. I use my Urban Decay brush with it and it works phenomenally. I used this deeper purple in my crease and blended to my brow brown and out to where my brow tail ends and up to about the center of my lid or where my arch center is. Remember to dust off your brush and build up!

For my inner lid area I like to pick up a pigmented brighter color my favorites on this palette is Luscious and Bellini – sometimes I use both!

Make Up Tip #5

For this I use a stiffer shadow brush and if it doesn’t seem to be picking up well spray your brush lightly with your setting spray.

(Sorry for any out of focus images I am training my Husband on my DSLR – he wants to learn)

From there we take a bright highlight shadow – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is from the Make You Believe Palette from Tarte, it blends so beautifully!!! I add it to my Cupid’s bow and contour my bottom lip with it. I sometimes add it to the center of my bottom lip over my color and it adds some fullness and brightness. Then I add it my inner eyelid and blend that in and under my waterline.

DSC_0117(My Trance shadow came that way, but I love this palate and use it nearly daily so I cannot part with it long enough to send it back to Tarte 😢 Totally a #FirstWorldProblem, but let me know if you have a solution – because the shadow is gorgeous and I would totally use it on myself or clients!)

This is another fun tip – I line my upper lash line with a darker shadow color from the same palette using a brow brush and I even use it on my lower line for a more smokey look.

From here I start my brows. This is my new favorite product,  hands down -Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil – it is amazing. I used to hate filling in my brows!

Finally chilly enough for comfy socks in case you were wondering 😂


From here I am almost done – I add my Tartist mascara and  Tarte lipstick.

And then we set! Today I am using the Tarte Amazonian Clay translucent setting powder and the Tarte Rainforest of the sea spray. You will notice I am trying the travel size of the spray like I am the moisturizer, this is another product I am really happy with and will be purchasing the full size!


Let me know what you think in the comments. Let me know about the looks and any tips you think I should try or products you love!


Charlotte Russe


3 thoughts on “GRWM

  1. Alexis you can fix that broken shadow with a little rubbing alcohol and just pack it down in the pan. Keep the palette open and let it dry overnight


    1. So Lauren, I thought you might find this funny… Yesterday I through on a quick face and I wanted to use two of the colors from that Make You Believe Palatte and I got it out and without think I blew the dust away… blowing away most of Trance. 😩😭 Which I figured out is super gorgeous and super pigmented – I only learned by wiping it up. The funny part is I was getting ready to fix it last night. Lol I’m so dumb sometimes!


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