Quick Personal Update for Friends & Family

Just wanted to keep those that care in the loop!

The first week of October I go in for a Venogram and to have stints, foam and coils placed in several veins to help decompress them. This will treat my pelvic congestion syndrome and May-Thurner Syndrome – not cure, I will like deal with this ongoing. I will be placed on blood thinners  to hopefully keep from DVT and clotting. I’ll have a 2 week recovery period, but afterwards should see a significant difference in pelvic, back and leg pain. It should also help the swelling in my legs and bloating in the belly. I still need to get hooked up with a Female gynecological specialist – or whatever, but this is a start.

I also have made the decision to pursue a full hysterectomy. I honestly don’t think that it is likely for me to have a child without intervention (and have 2 years of proof – not that we were actively trying, but) and I’m constantly dealing with cysts, growths, tumors, endometriosis and other crap. I think at this point I’d rather enjoy the time I have with the kids I have. We also are in no way in place to have another baby even if we wanted to and we always thought about fostering or adoption somewhere down the line anyway.

My mobility is definitely being affected, my arthritis and AS will be a lifelong struggle, but right now I am having quite a bit of trouble. I’m looking at physical therapy soon and pain management.

*I forgot to add that I will also be back on a heart monitor, like when I was pregnant with Lillia, and need an echocardiogram – I am working on getting those appointments set up still.

Right now I am just taking life one day at a time, keep up with my meds and manage things the best I can. I do yoga about 3 times a week, I track everything in a journal, I’m communicating with my doctors and following a healthy diet – well except for the recent Tillamook ice cream and tres leches cake I have been indulging in. I am ok, but I am definitely slowing down. I’ll be traveling less and hopefully sending for family to come out here for visits (help with travel and such) and I am definitely not working and I have absolutely come to the realization that I have to reinvent my career to fit my needs personally and health-wise.



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