White Privilege (2)

e.l.f. cosmetics

These are real life experiences, hopefully by sharing these experiences and questions we can open a dialogue and hopefully make progress. I will leave the prompt in the comments, you do not have to stick to it but it might help you. Please contact me via the contact page or at alexis.nicole.bendickson@gmail.com .


28 yr old white female

I’m ashamed to say this but , up until about a month ago I didn’t think white privilege was really there.

Why ? Because I grew up poor moving from house to house , school to school in a single parent home. Where I was alone a lot because my mom worked more than one low paying job to put food on the table. AND I BECAME A WELL EDUCATED, WELL PAID AUDLT. So why can’t they???? WAS my Mentality.

It wasn’t till I seen a video aimed at privilege and racism that it hit me.

Even when a person of color gets the same education as a white person, the white person will get the job before a person of color. It is what it is , it really does happen ! And ppls white privilege will show when they say “I worked harder” but that is simply not the case.

I can’t pin point certain times where I have seen my privilege show , but I’m sure it has.

I also noticed it’s not just based on color , I have seen a white person show their privilege toward other whites, that maybe in a different economic class. Of course it’s more frequently done to people of color .

e.l.f. cosmetics


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