Cloudy Seattle Days Calls for Sunset Eyes

As everyone is quick to remind me – I am one of the few people who moved to Seattle for the weather. Having Lupus has greatly affect my daily life. Before I loved to be outside. I loved walking and hiking. I was adventurous and I always brought the party. I was loud and a bit of a free spirit.  These days the spirit is there and the desire is there, but it is much more difficult. I have terrible sun sensitivity and for years it seemed like no matter what I did I could not keep from flaring after even just minutes in the sun. I am so sensitive that UV lights used in certain lightbulbs bother me. It also cause rashes  – usually on my face and arms or chest. Aside from that I just deal with so much goddamn pain.  Certain events in my life coupled with the illnesses I deal with quite a bit of anxiety and depression. I went years without being able to wear make up just trying to adjust to the new me. So the overcast-rainy Seattle weather definitely was a plus when we were looking for a new beginning.

This day was particularly dreary and the wind was cold but it was Saturday and I’m recovering from a cold that has still settled in my lungs and the kids were stir crazy. I also needed to run a few errands so I decided to get the kids ready and make it a trip to a local mall that has a play area.

I do my best to really prepare for days like this…

crowds. Kids. Spending Money. Being away from home… I’m really not into any of it at all.

After my face mask and getting ready though, I was ready for almost anything! I started out thinking, I would just wash my face and through on a very light look, but this Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is so much fun! I ended up with sunset eyes!

I highly recommend checking out some of the products I used to get this look. I got so many compliments while out and it feels like wearing nothing!

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill Pencil • Benefit Cosmetics • $12–24

SheaMoisture® Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 12oz • Shea Moisture • $11.99

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk • Shea Moisture • $11.49

Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer – No Color • Urban Decay • $34

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup • Urban Decay • $40

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner • Stila • $22

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette • Too Faced • $49

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Setting Powder • Tarte • $33

Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette • Tarte • $45

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer – Only at ULTA • Tarte • $27

tarte Hydration Vacation Skincare Travel Set • Tarte • $29

L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Mask, Detox & Brighten • L’Oreal • $12.99

Let’s start with the beginning. Most Mornings I use an exfoliating cleanser of some sort and about 3 times a week I will do a clay mask. This morning, I was pretty broken out and just felt gross so I went with the L’Oreal charcoal pure clay mask. After the mask and a shower I felt totally refreshed. Upon getting out of the shower I ran the shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl and style milk and curl enhancing smoothie through my hair and pineapple – wrapped it in one of my hubbys shirts (Shhhh!). This is my favorite trick, guys! If you want beautiful, soft curls – this does it every time!

Take about a dime to a quarter size (depending on length and thickness) amount of the milk and a dollop of the smoothie and run it through your hair, from root to end, scrunching as you go. Then once it is all the way worked through, I take a tee shirt and wrap my hair into the shape of a pineapple. Definitely check out my video if you’d like a tutorial. I will later post my hair routine at another time.

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From there I moisturized, primed and began my makeup. My absolute favorite products that I used are my Tarteist Pro Glow highlighter and contour palette, Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and my Stila eyeliner! The Tarteist Pro Glow highlighter and contour palette was one of my most expensive and one of my first purchases. I walked into Ulta and fell in love with it instantly. I’d seen it online, but in person it was even more beautiful. It is just creamy and does an amazing job. I opened it and it smelled like chocolate and I was done for. I do think that the contours are maybe too light for darker complexions but it is a great Palette for anyone as far as the highlighter goes.  I do also have a discounted link on my instagram, find me @anbendickson and follow me!

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette is the first high end palette that I have ever bought and used. That’s kind of embarrassing, lol. I mean, modeling was different but only if someone else was doing my make up. I seriously did not know eyeshadow could be this creamy. I keep finding myself using the same neutral tones and keeping it very light, but today I went in that crease with Candied Peach 🍑 and I was hooked. Because the eye shadows are very pigmented I always started light and build up. I took my shadow from a light look to a more noticeable deeper look. I kept working that Candied Peach with maybe it was Caramelized into the outer corner and working Nectar into the inner eye and along the lash line . I packed that beautiful bright color in pretty heavy. It’s so gorgeous guys!!! All of these colors are too die for really.

For my brows I did something a little different after using my Benefit Goof Proof brow to perfect them, I actually shaped them with a bit on Tarte Shape Tape (see this stuff is amazing – I use it for under the eye too and sometimes even my lips!) then brushed it with a bit of bronzer in the tone Fire from the Tarteist Pro Glow Palette (again, versatile – amazing stuff) .  I know different right? Then I took my brow brush and packed it with that nectar color and just under the brow highlighted it from the mid arch to the end of the tail. It worked so well together.

Next, I lined my eyes with the Stila waterproof stay all day liquid eyeliner. A little back story, I actually bought the smudge proof pencil in my first haul but had to take it back to Ulta. After that I actually decided I would just use my palettes to line my lash line, which I LOVE to do plus it is easier for me to hold and line my eye with a brush than a pencil. Thank you, Arthritis in my 20’s 🤦🏼‍♀️! Then I received the liquid liner in my Sephora Play! Box (also highly recommend!) and thought what the hell, I’ll give it a try. This was the EASIEST eyeliner I have ever applied. I even was able to do a wing (well at least 1 good one each time). I almost just left the Nectar as the liner and went with a bright eye, but I just was so excited that I was able to use this eyeliner that I just went for it again!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience, or watching my video. I promise I will bet better with time, I totally need a ring light. I am working on it! Give some of the products I used a try and let me know what you think!

DAF3754E-D4FF-4C20-A515-C4212855EE81The final result, plus the kids and bee that decided to photo bomb apparently. This was us waiting at the bus stop, headed Out for a Saturday mall trip.

I was obsessed with my eyes and got so many compliments this day. Sunset eyes made that fall chill and cloudy day so worthwhile.


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