Kiss Me Live Glam review

I came across this wonderful make up subscription company. Something I did not think I would say. I belong to 3 make up subscriptions right now: Sephora, Live Glam and Ipsy. For the longest time I though subscriptions were a waste of money. 10 years is a long time though to go without make up. A lot of things and products have changed, even my skin has changed.

I decided to give them one more try.  For a few reasons:

  1. Most subscription programs send travel size samples. For me this is fine. I travel a lot and have sensitive skin so it’s just the right size for me to give it a try!
  2. It gives me a chance to try a wide range of products and brands and decide what I like.
  3. They give tips and rewards!

Kiss Me Live Glam is probably my favorite of the 3 so far. Kiss Me Live Glam is a monthly subscription for $19.99 you receive 3 liquid lipsticks per month. That’s the price of 1 high end lipstick. Like the others mentioned there is no commitment necessary, you can cancel at any time. 👈🏼 For a broke bitch like me this was important. This also I meant I’d at least get my first order of 4 lipsticks for the price of 1!

My Live Glam Review:

So far I have received 4 lipsticks, one month’s subscription. My October Subscription included Poisoned Apple , Vixen and Magic and my freebie choice was Luxe . Swatched below in order.B48E9A38-7944-4192-B10E-C2479D1920BB

The bottom image is a spoiler for next month, November’s Lippies. Which I am very excited about!

In October I received 3 mattes and Magic was actually a gloss. They are definitely long lasting, as advertised. I would say 12 hours with a touch up after eating. They glide on and feel very smooth and hydrating on the lips! There was very minimal transfer. No transfer when kissing! The colors are very pigmented and even the gloss outlasted most in my opinion. The other thing I really liked about these lipsticks is the wand! Easy application!!!

The only downside was I did find it a little sticky,  which got better as it dried or when I wore it with lip liner.

Final Word

More than worth the money! Beyond what I have already said Live Glam also now allows you to switch between the Kiss Me lipsticks and the two other programs they offer, the Morphe Me Brushes and the Polish Me nail polish. There’s very little I do not like about this company. They have quality products that are vegan and cruelty free and there’s no commitment.

So I say stock up or collect them to use as gifts. Either way they are amazing products!

How to Sign UP

Just click this link:

Then just inbox me or leave your email below and I’ll email you a chance to receive a 4th lippie with your first order!


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