Make Up Doesn’t Make Me

10 years. 10 years is how long I went without make up. I recently found a new love for make up. It has been 10 years since I have enjoyed putting make up on. Now that I am enjoying make up and rebuilding my personal make up kit – it has become apart of my routine and life because of that, I talk about it. I enjoy sharing products that work for me with others so that they can enjoy them too.

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In those 10 years I have been diagnosed with Lupus, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Anklyosing Spondyltis and that’s just the beginning. In those 10 years I have raised 3 beautiful, intelligent, inclusive, creative and expressive kids. I have been a homemaker, a student, a business owner and more in just those 10 years. I have given myself and my all to everything I have done and in that time I lost myself. I accomplished a lot in those 10 years but it was an uphill battle – of course. In the last 4 years I have fallen into a great deal of anxiety, depression and battling my PTSD .

In order to heal, I had to find myself again. I flipped through photos of myself and I remember how obnoxious I was. I was amazing. You could see my goodness and my message in everything I did. I needed to tap back into that creative portion of myself.

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I am loving where I am in life right now. I love myself, in make up or not. Wearing make up is not anti-feminist and I think we need to take a moment to understand this one. These are real comments, from a real person that I personally know.


This is the problem we have with feminists who consider themselves radical, they feel elite. Like they tear other women and their choices down. I’ll be honest I don’t understand why she felt the need to personally attack me so much over a disagreement about make up. The danger here is that this person identifies as a feminist.

She continued to post on her page about me and my values or how she perceived them rather. Then this morning went back to commenting on the same instagram post (if you click the image it should fully open).

“Radical Feminism” was created by anti women and anti feminism propaganda and it is still used to fight against the women’s movement today. It’s a myth. Progress is womanism. It is inclusivity it is freedom and equality. We are moving past the limitations of the previous movement to be more inclusive. As a womanist I don’t want to assimilate, I want to make change. I am not afraid of patriarchy – I want to tear it down. I want to continue to take the power away people, policies, symbols, legislation and organizations that are anti women. To do that we need more women entrepreneurs, we need more women in power and we need more women supporting each other! When we tear each other down it does nothing but fight against us and our mission.


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