I Hate to Tell You I Told You So, But…


Well, I hate to tell you I told you so, but I did. David Nunes always manages to pop up with some ridiculous announcement just as something breaks in the Russia Special investigation. Without a beat, regardless of recusing himself he keeps stepping back in. Why is that? It does make me wonder what role in all of this he might really be playing. What does he know? Who does he associate with? It is almost unreal – this whole thing. Early on, around the season of the primaries, I predicted that this would be a much bigger problem than people thought. I also predicted it would be similar to Watergate. This is much bigger and more complex than Watergate ever was.



A few days back, David Nunes and his committee and house insight committee announced that they are opening an investigation on the Obama Era Uranium deal. An issue that has been previously investigated and debunked repeatedly. It seems like every time special investigations speed up or information from the investigation breaks, here comes David Nunes with an investigation of his own. Here is a great timeline of what happened in March, https://www.wired.com/2017/04/devin-nunes-white-house-trump-surveillance/ .

First of all, we are learning more and more about the Russian attack on our election and democracy. Almost everyday we are getting new information and breaking down that information, but this time there was so much more to distract us from. His approval rating dropped again. We lost 4 soldiers in Niger and he later mishandled his response with not only the public, but the pregnant wife of Sgt. La David Johnson . Myeisha Johnson became the 3rd person to corroborate President Trump’s remarks  on her phone call when she appeared on Good Morning America. We also learned there are 8,000 troops in Niger and lack of public information. Then we learned that our elected officials are not even aware of why our troops are there. There are really so many questions surrounding Niger. Congress was also preparing to vote on a tax plan that mean a huge tax cut for the 1% – benefiting the Trump family. We are also learning that President Trump himself are taking interviews personally with U.S attorneys. Although this is not illegal it is bizarre. As we learned more , we learned it was interviews only for counties that would in fact benefit Trump personally like Southern and Eastern New York and Washington D.C. We also have a huge natural disaster happening and affecting over 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico.



So, things are literally blowing up.

I guess that means it was the perfecting for David Nunes to pop up!  As a public and multiple organizations and intelligence agencies have made a call to action for the Trump administration and we are continuously lied to and evaded by this administration. Much like when Nixon was told to “Release the Tapes” we want the information that the administration has on this attack and who was involved. Our democracy is what makes America, America.


We really have to wake up to what is going on and see that every move by Mr. Nunes and the Trump administration needs to be watched very closely. We bipartisan -ly  passed sanctions against Russia and Trump has yet to enact them.

I’m asking why?


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