Kiss Me Live Glam review

To subscribe or not to subscribe?!?

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White Privilege Project (3)

It’s clear this movement has evolved, but if so then that means it is time to be held accountable. We cannot allow these movements to be white washed. The conversation has turned from police brutality, racism and accountability to a conversation about patronage and our flag and anthem. We are watching the converstation turn and doing nothing. #WakeUpWhiteAmerica

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In Celebration of Hugh Hefner’s Life

In celebration of the life of Hugh Hefner, I would like to empower myself a bit and share a recent boudoir shot. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Hugh and his legacy. However, I think his accomplishments and progress in civil and women’s rights speak for themselves. I’ll drop some links below my image with some facts about Mr. Hefner.

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Puerto Rico

There has been a lot of talk lately about the crisis in Puerto Rico. We are now 10 days out and the island only has 5% power on the total island. Most of the island is unreachable due to the terrain, according FEMA this is why they are having trouble reaching citizens that need help. According to President Trump it is because it is in the big ocean. I think it is our response. This morning, we woke to more offensive tweets from our President. I am going to be frank here, this might have been a natural disaster but this is a man-made crisis.

Puerto Rican’s are Americans. I was a bit shocked at the number of responses from Americans that did not know that. Since, it is clear that our public school system really failed us here let me explain.

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The Truth

[Trigger warning – sexual abuse story and some may be triggering]
This is just a reminder that I am no longer a victim. I am no longer accepting disrespect. I am no longer allowing the he said – she said bullshit. This is me finally taking control of my life again. I plan to re activate Facebook, but leave most of my family unfriended until I am sure things have cooled off. AGAIN, I am doing what I have to to protect myself, if you take this personally that is on you. I have never done anybody harm. So I am done walking on egg shells around everyone. Here is the truth. That’s it.

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I am sorry for any inconvenience but I am tired of dealing with the drama that comes with certain people on social media sites. I’m just fed up and I’ll announce IF I return.

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Big Brother 19 Finale

Bitter Jury? Did the right houseguest win? Americans Favorite Player? Words from a super fan! And of course, spoilers ahead. 😉

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It’s Hump Day!

The middle of the week and we are finally getting rain here in Seattle! I was invited by a friend to a restorative Yoga session today that focuses on people with autoimmune diseases. Stepping out of my comfort zone today and socializing. I actually really love people, its all anxiety – I swear! Anyway, this […]

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